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Mais do mesmo: George Henry Boughton

George Henry Boughton (English, 1833-1905). 'The Waning Honeymoon,' 1878. oil on canvas. Walters Art Museum (37.129): Acquired by William T. Walters, ca. 1878.27. Boughton, George Henry - The Waning Of The Honeymoon

GEORGE HENRY BOUGHTON  (pintor anglo-americano, 1833-1905)

Trio: Brisa do mar…

George Henry Boughton - Sea Breeze 1880Forget Me Not, engraved by Thomas G Appleton after a picture by George Henry Boughton

the sea breeze by george henry boughton

(Norwich, Norfolk, Inglaterra, 4 de dezembro de 1833 – Londres, Inglaterra, 19 de janeiro de 1905)