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Sua majestade, o chapéu!


THOMAS MUSGROVE JOY (Reino Unido, 1812-1866) – O chapéu vermelho – 1859

charles sprague pearce-(american, 1851-1914)_beatrix

CHARLES SPRAGUE PEARCE (EUA, 1851-1914) – Beatrix

alfred schwarz (german, 1867-1951) a picture of beauty

ALFRED SCHWARZ (Alemanha, 1867-1951) – Uma bela foto


VITTORIO MATTEO CORCOS (Itália, 1859-1933) – Retrato de uma jovem mulher


William Orpen (Irish Painter, 1878-1931) Portrait of Grace (The Artist's 1st Wife) Detail 1907

WILLIAM ORPEN (Irlanda, 1878-1931) – Retrato de Grace, esposa do artista


JOHN SHIRLEY FOX (Inglaterra, c.1860/7 – 1939) – O anel de noivado

albert lynch-Portrait of a young woman in a hat holding a bouquet of flowers

ALBERT LYNCH (Alemanha, 1860 – Mônaco, 1950) – Retrato de jovem com chapéu

Sua majestade, o chapéu! – Galeria 17

lady in pink-adriano cecchicharles edouard boutibonne -french 1816-1897-

ADRIANO CECCHI                                                                                     CHARLES EDOUARD BOUTIBONNE


MARY LEMON WALLER                                                                                      FRANÇOIS MARTIN KAVEL

7.Daniel Hernandez (Peruvian 1856-1932)5.Albert Lynch (Peruvian,1851-1912)

DANIEL HERNANDEZ MORILLO                                                                                     ALBERT LYNCH

Jeune_Femme_l_ventail_by_James_Tissotjules-abel faivre

JAMES TISSOT                                                                                                        JULES-ABEL FAIVRE

7BERNHARD ZICKENDRAHT (GERMAN, 1854–1937)5.Fernand Toussaint (belgian, 1873-1956)

BERNHARD ZICKENDRAHT                                                                                FERNAND TOUSSAINT

Blanche F. MacArthur (British, 1870 - 1896)Portrait of a Girl16.George Sheridan Knowles ( British, 1863-1931)

BLANCHE F. MAC ARTHUR                                                                                GEORGE SHERIDAN KNOWLES

Georges-Auguste Elie Lavergne (1863-1942)Auguste Emile Bellet

GEORGES-AUGUSTE ELIE LAVERGNE                                                                              AUGUSTE EMILE BELLET

Sua majestade, o chapéu!

(vittorio_matteo_corcos_an_elegant_lady_in_a_pink_hat_and_dress)young woman_FREDERICK HENDRIK KAEMMERER (DUTCH, 1839-1902)

VITTORIO MATTEO CORCOS                                                            FREDERIK HENDRIK KAEMMERER

girl with hat - semenowskyHarlamoff_Alexis_The_Flower_Girl

EMILE EISMAN SEMENOWSKY                                                                         ALEXEI HARLAMOFF


GUSTAVE JEAN JACQUET                                                                         CHARLES SILLEM LIDDERDALE

Contemplation (1901) by Isaac Snowman (1874-1947)emile vernon-.-

ISAAC SNOWMAN                                                                                             EMILE VERNON

 Edouard Bisson (French, b. 1856) - A portrait of a girl with a black hat holding flowersElégante au chapeau-1907-Edouard Cabane

EDOUARD BISSON                                                                               EDOUARD CABANE

Albert Lynch (Peruvian artist, 1851-1912) Woman in a Large HatAndreotti_Federico_Girl_in_a_Straw_Hat

ALBERT LYNCH                                                                                              FEDERICO ANDREOTTI

Enrique Atalaya (1851 - 1913) - View of Parisian Life in the Belle Époque (3)




Sua majestade, o chapéu! – Galeria 15

the black hat by Lilla Cabot Perry - 1914

LILLA CABOT PERRY                                      LADY LAURA ALMA-TADEMA

Hermann Seeger-Marie Cramer von Clausbruch, the artist's wifeThe Coquette - Daniel Hernandez Morillo (peruvian painter)

HERMANN SEEGER                                                  DANIEL HERNANDEZ MORILLO

Enrique Atalaya (1851 - 1913) - View of Parisian Life in the Belle Époque

ENRIQUE ATALAYA                                                 GEORGE L. SEYMOUR

A Pretty Girl - Emil RauGirl in Polka-Dot Dress - Charles-Jean Agard (french painter)

EMIL RAU                                                        CHARLES-JEAN AGARD

Portrait of Raquel Meller with a Hat - Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (spanish painter)Portrait of a young lady, 1882-William-Oliver(British, 1865-1897)

JOAQUIN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA                                          WILLIAM OLIVER

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Ludwig Michalek (1859-1942) -Auf der Reise

PAUL JOBERT                                                           LUDWIG MICHALEK

Sua majestade, o chapéu! – Galeria 14

Girl with Eglantines on her Hat Pierre-Auguste Renoiralbert-lynch-no-jardim

PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR                                                                                 ALBERT LYNCH

an elegant lady-Frederick Hendrik KaemmererJules Delaunay- (Paris, 1845-1906)

FREDERIK HENDRIK KAEMMERER                                                                                                  JULES DELAUNAY

Contemplation (1901) by Isaac Snowman (1874-1947)Gustave Jean Jacquet (french, 1846-1909) - La belle en bleu 

ISAAC SNOWMAN                                                                                            GUSTAVE JEAN JACQUET

Edouard Bisson (French, b. 1856) - A portrait of a girl with a black hat holding flowersLionel Noel Royer (French, 1852-1926)_young woman

EDOUARD BISSON                                                                                               LIONEL NOEL ROYER

Sua majestade, o chapéu!–Galeria 13

Harold Hume Piffard (1867-1938) - The new bonnetWoman Sitting in a Dagobert Armchair - Madeleine Lemaire (french painter)

HAROLD HUME PIFFARD                                                                    MADELEINE J. LEMAIRE

lady in renaissance costume-ANTON EBERT(German, 1845-1896)Leopold Schmutzler (1864 - 1940) - Portrait of a lady with red hair and hat

ANTON EBERT                                                                              LEOPOLD SCHMUTZLER

Beautiful Betty, Albert LynchPortrait of a Lady, George Henry Boughton. (1833 - 1905)

ALBERT LYNCH                                                                          GEORGE HENRY BOUGHTON

GabrielFerrier-Portrait_of_a_lady,_wearing_a_black_dress_and_gloves_with_pink_ribbonsyoung girl in a white hat 1891-Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841–1919)

GABRIEL FERRIER                                                              PIERRE AUGUSTE RENOIR

the black hat-Emile Eisman-Semenowskyeva-hollyer-an-english-rose

EMILE EISMANN SEMENOWSKY                                                                               EVA HOLLYER

Sua majestade, o chapéu! – Galeria 12

Portrait of a young girl (Straw hat with black ribbon). Albert Lynch (Peruvian, Belle Époque, 1851-1912)girl with a straw hat c1884-Pierre Auguste Renoir (French artist, 1841–1919)

ALBERT LYNCH                                                                     PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR

Goupil_Jules_Adolphe_A_Lady_Wearing_Crimson_HatKonstantin Egorovich Makovsky (1839 - 1915) - Woman in White with Hat, Madame Marina Flamant

JULES ADOLPHE GOUPIL                                                                 KONSTANTIN MAKOVSKY

ElisabethLouiseVigeeLebrun-portrait_of_a_young_womanUnprofessional Beauty -1885- Val Prinsep (british painter)

ELISABETH-LOUISE VIGÉE LEBRUN                                                               VALENTINE CAMERON PRINSEP

Toussaint_Fernand_An_Elegant_Womanthe blue veil-Robert Hope

FERNAND TOUSSAINT                                                                                     ROBERT HOPE

Young Beauty with Floppy Hat - Francois Martin-KavelEmile-Eisman-Semenowsky-A-PORTRAIT-OF-A-GIRL-WITH-HAT

FRANÇOIS MARTIN-KAVEL                                                                       EMILE EISMAN SEMENOWSKY

Vittorio Matteo Corcos (1859 - 1933) - Une ÉleganteAn elegant lady-R.Madrazo

VITTORIO MATTEO CORCOS                                                            RAIMUNDO DE MADRAZO Y GARRETA

Sua majestade, o chapéu ! – Galeria 11

a society beauty-Emile Eisman SemenowskyPortrait of a Lady, George Henry Boughton. (1833 - 1905)

EMILE EISMAN SEMENOWSKY                                                      GEORGE HENRY BOUGHTON

Girl with Eglantines on her Hat Pierre-Auguste RenoirFriedrich Von Amerling - Girl with Straw Hat - 1840

PIERRE AUGUSTE RENOIR                                                                                 FRIEDRICH VON AMERLING

On a Bench -1889- Berthe Morisot (french painter)gathering flowers by Luke Fildes -1843-1927

BERTHE MORISOT                                                                                                SAMUEL LUKE FILDES

A Spring Beauty - Sophie Anderson4.Leon Herbo (Belgian, 1850-1907)

SOPHIE ANDERSON                                                                                             LEON HERBO

Portrait of a Young Woman in a Hat Holding a Bouquet of Flowers by Albert Lynch (1851-1912)3.Albert Lynch (Peruvian, 1851 - 1912)


edward-okun-Portrait of the artist's wife, 1907